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Mystical power of Elves

Elves at North Aurora Guesthouse

North Aurora Guesthouse in in Laugar on the west side of the valley Reykjadal and the elf rock is only 10 minute walk away up a small path up the heath.

The elves who live there have been there for hundreds of years and have been able to build up their energy and community in peace. There are many elf rocks along the heath with about 150-200 meters between them. There is a line of positive energy that connects all the rocks and the elf communities.

The elves protect the human communities in Laugar and their role is to give energy in the form of courage to people. The courage can be used to make your dreams come true, personal victories, to have ambitions in work, art or love.

You can also seek their help to make peace, but always remember to ask and thank them for their help. The elves want us to acknowledge their existence when we ask for their help.

There are also elves on the east side of the valley and there are a few stories of people interacting with the elves, both recent stories and older ones from people who have passed away.

Experienced healer since 1990

Bryndís Pétursdóttir, who runs North Aurora Guesthouse, is a psychic and has been in contact with the elves since she was a child. She thinks it is important that we acknowledge the existence of the elves, because it is a part of preserving Iceland‘s nature. It is important that humans preserve the homes of the elves so that they can keep giving us the energy that we need. They are part of the Icelandic folklore.

There are elves and nature spirits all over the world and they all have their roles and energy. In Iceland the elves have a very high amount of energy because their homes and rocks have remained untouced for hundreds of years, that is also why they are more accessible to men and animals here.

Bryndís offers free guided tours up to the elf stone for guest´s North Aurora Guesthouse all year. All travelers can book the guided hike with Bryndís, for 43 EUR per person.

It is also possible to book private or group tours where you will visit more places of importance to the elves in Reykjadalur and/or Mývatnssveit.

Here you can download a little brochure about the Elf Stone

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